Meet our hand picked team of qualified, professional and welcoming staff each with their own touch of flair and character!

We pride our selves in selecting staff with a positive friendly attitude, at hand to help with any questions and queries and providing our customers with the best service possible.

"the female boss"

Manageress at the Hare and Hounds and In charge of daily running of the pub, cracking the whip and keeping everything in check! Her 10 years of qualifications, working experience and passion for ‘The Hounds’ has lead her to the top, a position she is all to proud of!

"the boss man"

The Land Lord - Matt takes each day as it comes at him, dealing with what he loves most- pub life! After 15 years of cooking experience and training he has generated some unique cooking techniques and personal recipes! You might not always see him as he hides away in the back cooking up a storm with his team, crafting away at desserts and various presentation styles (Matt’s specialty).

"head chef"

Creating dishes from the freshest most bold ingredients learned from years of worldwide cooking experience. Originally from Mexico Elias’ knowledge of international cooking adds more varied, artistic options for our menu and specials board, helping to set us apart from the rest.

"the witty one"

Our Sous chef and newest addition to the kitchen, Matt cooks with flair, skill and a whitt sharpened from years of experience in the kitchen environment! Always on the ball he delivers meals with quality and speed and keeps the front of house staff on their toes with comedy.

"speedy gonzalez"

Meet Ryan working front of house, his waiting on skills are a combination of professionalism and speed meaning he ‘gets the job done’. He is kind, honest and always happy to help, ensuring your dining experience is pleasurable.

"the BFG"

At 6ft 4, Rob may have to stoop to serve you, but he will always be smiling and ready to entertain you! Rob works behind the bar and has been here longer than any other member of staff. Whilst serving his time he has too developed his own local business supplying us with cleaning products and supplies!

"lyrical legend"

After 3 years of ‘The hounds’ Sam is now fully trained in all things pot washing and kitchen preparation! Sam gets the lyrical legend from his guitar and singing performances he regularly puts on for the local crowd as well as formulating the pub individual poetry and and passages of writing!


Meet Emily, Amanda, Phoebe, Claire, Amy, Sammy and Lucy! These are the faces you will see delivering your food and ensuring you have everything you need whilst dining with us! Each of them are friendly, welcoming and incredibly helpful, whilst each showing their own outstanding characters at the same time!


Meet Jack! He will rarely be seen yet makes our team complete! Ensuring we maintain the highest of hygiene standards and also cooperating amazingly with our chefs! Don’t get in his way if he is armed with a sponge!